a:15:{s:68:”Are you a Member/Partner of the UN Global Compact Network Singapore?”;s:27:”No, but I am keen to attend”;s:4:”Name”;s:6:”testst”;s:8:”Phone No”;s:8:”88787989″;s:5:”Email”;s:21:”jhsdhshd@sdjkjksd.com”;s:11:”Designation”;s:11:”jhshjashash”;s:12:”Company Name”;s:10:”sjhashsajh”;s:15:”Billing Address”;s:11:”hjasjhhjash”;s:6:”Sector”;s:19:”Aerospace & Defense”;s:1147:”By submitting this registration, I hereby consent to Global Compact Network Singapore (GCNS) collecting, using and/or disclosing my personal data to third parties (including any third party located outside of Singapore) for the purpose of processing, handling, and managing my participation in this programme. I understand that photography/videography may be conducted during this event, and I consent to GCNS taking photographs and videos of myself and using the same for the purposes of event reporting, marketing, publicity and media/social media. I further consent to GCNS disclosing such photographs and videos to third party media entities (whether in Singapore or otherwise) for publicity purposes and GCNS may identify me by name. GCNS shall not be responsible for photographs and/or videos taken by unauthorised persons during the event. By submitting this registration, Iconsent to receiving more information by the United Nations Global Compact and GCNS on activities, resources and/or other engagement opportunities related to the topic of this event and acknowledge that I have read and agree to the UN Global Compact’s Privacy Policy”;s:7:”Checked”;s:10:”tripettoId”;s:10:”f8dd5615cb”;s:13:”tripettoIndex”;i:17;s:18:”tripettoCreateDate”;s:24:”2023-08-21T09:27:26.000Z”;s:19:”tripettoFingerprint”;s:64:”2304e4f92519b91829a06791492515e87c7de5f04212704e2770e3c642c2100d”;s:21:”tripettoFormReference”;s:64:”b9fc510170f6390e69c9fdbe1b0627cf79ed94ec300d00c1acf54db3297410c9″;s:16:”tripettoFormName”;s:13:”Sme series #1″;}

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